Release Ruler Yellowfin Tuna Ruler


Release Ruler Yellowfin Tuna Ruler

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How much did that fish weigh? You'll never have to guess again with the Release Ruler™ Yellowfin Tuna Ruler. You'll find this patented device an indispensable tool for your fishing exploits, as it helps you keep a record of your catches through photographic reference. This is the only ruler that will both measure the length of your catch and provide a weight estimate based on scientific data, on the same device. Length markings are calibrated with bright color-coded weight brackets in contrasting colors, which makes for clear, no-bull photography; simply measure your fish, snap a photo with the ruler in

  • Never guess at a fish's weight again
  • Measures your catch's precise length
  • Provides instant weight estimate per scientific data
  • Easy to read, see, and photograph
  • Length and weight calibrated in bright contrasting colors
  • Simply measure, photo, and release
  • Helps you keep a photographic record of your catches
  • Fade-proof and tear-resistant
  • Measuring length: 72"

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 124 x 451 x 215 cm

3 review for Release Ruler Yellowfin Tuna Ruler

  1. 4 out of 5

    Since it was described as a Release Ruler Yellowfin Tuna Ruler , I had the mistaken idea that the wrap would be more of a sweater. Although it looked nice, I decided to return it and get something warmer for the colder weather ahead.

  2. 3 out of 5

    I was very please with the quality of the Release Ruler Yellowfin Tuna Ruler . It washed well. And fit exactly as sized. Will be making more purchases from this company again.

  3. 3 out of 5

    Gorgeous Release Ruler Yellowfin Tuna Ruler ! Release Ruler Yellowfin Tuna Ruler was shipped direct from Choices Best Fashions ,Today . When getting these unboxed both were unusually stiff/hard. Ariat put some kind of schilaque on it local Cobbler inspected the Boot and stated the coating made the Leather very hard and would break in for her in a very difficult way. He also said Leather conditioner would sit on the coating and not soften the Leather until she wore the Release Ruler Yellowfin Tuna Ruler for a while she was not willing to go thru that painful process so they were exchanged for another Release Ruler Yellowfin Tuna Ruler Sheplers was wonderful and understanding. We looked at the identical Release Ruler Yellowfin Tuna Ruler in Black and the Leather is soft and supple so not sure why Ariat could not build this Brown one soft as well? She would not even try on the Choices Best Fashions ,Today .

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